Why Video Visible?

Satisfaction Guarantee

To us clients are more than just a number. Here at Video Visible we take immense pride in our ability to deliver a high standard of quality in our videos and video marketing for our business clients. It is with utmost assurance that we endeavour to provide clients with value for money, as well as ensuring that our customer-client relationship is formed and maintained throughout the entire production and marketing process. If in the event a mistake occurs due to human error, we vow to resolve the problem without delay.

Video Delivery Guarantee

Video Visible promises to deliver your video within 14 days of filming. In the rare event that we are not able to supply your video in the timeframe, Video Visible will not only offer you a personal apology but will give you 25% off your next video.

Rapid Response Guarantee

To ensure our customers are happy with our service, Video Visible promises to respond within 24 hours to all enquiries. We understand businesses want their call or email handled promptly which is our commitment to our clients.


We RizeUp!

Video Visible is a proud supporter of Rizeup, a charity that supports families affected by domestic violence. Rizeup not only raises awareness but practices in directly helping those touched by violence, providing practical support in setting up homes for those families affected by domestic violence. To help support this movement, Video Visible will donate 5% of all profits to Rizeup. We would love our clients to join with us to donate funds to this very important cause. Please click here to lodge your donation or email info@videovisible.com.au if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation.