5 Simple Business Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for 2019

Video content is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. It’s never been as easy to find a good partner to help your business create and market your business videos online. Many businesses are now using this medium as their primary means for audience building, lead marketing and brand awareness. B2B marketers and SMEs are adding video marketing to the top of their to-do list as they know they need to tap into this growth in video traffic online.

There are plenty of reasons why visual content is superior to other mediums. Through videos, you can better inform and educate your targeted prospect rather than force them to read a block of text. Video marketing also makes it easier to establish a personal connection with the viewer and see if they can visualise themselves buying from you or doing business with you.

What is 2019 going to be like for this type of marketing? What kind of solid strategies should you implement in your videos?

Here are a few guidelines to help you:

1. Videos should be kept short and straightforward. They should stick to the subject matter. Do not try to pad a bunch of content into a single video. Hook people in right away – don’t try to force too much on viewers in the one video. Viewers are looking for concrete answers to their specific questions and challenges. They shouldn’t have to keep fast-forwarding through the video to get the answer they are looking for or worse not get their questions answered.

2. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular – take advantage of itIf you already have an established Facebook page for your business, it’s time to start using Facebook Live if you have time. It’s a great way (and inexpensive) way to get your message out there. In order to get people to watch, you’ll have to generate some interest prior to the streaming. Don’t just tell your audience that you are going to stream and that they should tune in; give them a reason why they will want to tune in by highlighting an important tip you will be sharing, or what kind of fascinating information you will be covering.

3. Educate viewers via video marketing. Educating your audience is an excellent way to market your company as it gives you the chance to become an authority figure in your industry. In order for this strategy to truly be successful, you have to make the videos as informative and interesting as possible. Get your audience and potential prospects genuinely interested in learning from you and pick your topics based on what people most want to know.

4. Don’t forget the call-to-action. Even your educational videos should have a call to action of some sort. Just add that extra element of persuasion on why the viewer should take that next step, and what that next step actually is. Let them know how they can learn even more about the subject, whether it’s by visiting your website, following your company on Facebook, sharing a post, reading your blog, etc.

5. Use testimonial and reviews videos. Ask happy clients if they would be willing to help you get word out about your brand and why others should give your services or products a chance. Social proof is powerful. Since many people are camera shy, create a comfortable environment, or allow them to record themselves with their own camera at home. Skip the script, but offer suggestions on what they could say. The ideal testimonial or reviews video should be around 45-60 seconds, although they can be longer depending on the specific topic.

These are just some ideas on where you can optimise your business promotional video efforts over the next year. No matter what kind of SME you are or B2B services you offer, videos – when done correctly – are in the way to connect to your audience to build that trust and authority in your niche.

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