Video SEO – What’s The Big Deal?

When you type keywords into Google do you often wonder why some websites make the front page and others don’t? Or perhaps you are familiar with the key word struggle and still find your website lost in the deep, vast void of the net?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a difficult skill to tackle, with even the use of key words and proper coding still resulting in a site that’s doomed to page two. A business has two choices 1) Enlist in the help of an SEO ‘expert’ to help rank your page higher (a never ending development due to constant algorithm changes) or 2) try to tame the beast yourself. Ultimately either idea will cost you A) money and B) your time. Paramount to the success of an online business, SEO is a tool that all website owners, even the relatively new, need to utilise.

Why does it work for businesses?

Back in 2007 Google introduced ‘Universal Search’, a system that blends listings from news, images and video search engines. By giving you multiple sources Google tries to aid the process of finding relevant information. As a result by taking advantage of this blended search your company is more likely to rank higher on the page. This is where video marketing comes in.

The internet is full of text content which makes it a very competitive slate when it comes to ranking high on text alone. More progressive is the use of text and images, though this too has become more utilised. Often deemed too much of ‘an effort’ by many businesses, or not thought of at all is the use of video. With up a staggering 41% higher click rate than text alone, the visual element of a thumbnail coupled with the lack of competitive content means that your site will have a better chance to rank higher on Google. Studies also show that viewers are likely to spend longer on your site if the content is interactive and engaging.

Why should our business know about Video SEO?

Put simply, the use of video marketing for your business (whether it be on your site or on You Tube) increases the chances of your page being seen by a considerable amount, with figures estimating a 40-50% potential increase in exposure. With an additional advantage of being versatile with your content, video marketing is an edgy way to set your company apart from the competition. This is also a quick and easy way to rank higher with Google, as video has far less competition than text content.

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