How SMEs Can Get the Most Out of Facebook Marketing – Follow These 10 Tips

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large budget for Facebook Marketing. While it’s true that larger businesses can really afford wide-spread marketing campaigns on the social media giant, there is still some hope for smaller businesses as well. There are well over a billion users on Facebook, who either login through their computer or mobile device. That’s a lot of people for you to potentially reach.

Over half of small businesses who try Facebook marketing end up failing. Your company doesn’t have to be in that category. You can be one of the few successful ones.

Here are several things you can do to increase your marketing efforts:

1.  Make sure each and every post has intent. Don’t just throw anything up and hope that it gets views. Put a lot of thought behind each post and determine how you are going to boost it. You’ll also want to implement a content calendar to help you plan and organise posts. Set CLEAR goals. Facebook advertising is intended to be used for specific purposes.

2.  Make your page as appealing as possible. Perform a bit of housekeeping on your company’s Facebook page. All of the content info should be up to date. Keep the page active by changing the cover photo to reflect the season or holiday.

3.  Invest in video content production. Facebook prioritises video from companies. You get noticed if you Livestream videos too. There are so many strategies for video marketing and you don’t even have to spend a fortune on it. A few approaches include live streaming behind the scenes footage, announcements, events, Q&A with experts, trade shows, product unboxing and so on.

4.  If you can get a hold of an influencer in your industry, such as a popular B2B figure, try to host an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) with them. This type of video will attract a lot of people who get a chance to ask questions to somebody they ordinarily might not be able to talk to. It also prolongs the amount of viewer watch time since people will stick around until the end to find out if their question is picked.

5.  Make use of Facebook’s new automated guided ad creation. It allows targeted recommendations (choose which type of audience you want to show the ads to), and you can create up to 6 different versions of the same ad that can run across not only Facebook but Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger to name a few. When creating the ad campaign, a tool will lead you through a series of questions regarding your business, the goals you hope to reach with the ad, etc. You’ll be presented with CTA suggestions and creative details to help you better optimise the ad.

6.  The Ads Manager platform features useful video editing tools such as video trimming, automatic cropping, and image / text overlays. You really don’t need a large budget to create or edit quality videos. You can experiment with ad format as well. Consider integrating the “carousel” style into your next advertising campaign. This will help the video stand out and reduce your cost per click (CPC). Do something a bit more than just putting up a mundane image post.

7.  Part of optimising your posts is scheduling when they will be posted. You don’t have to always do Facebook live. Create videos and other posts in advance and schedule to push them during peak engagement hours. This will ensure that you are diversifying the content output as best as possible rather than simply “going with the flow”or winging it hoping for the best.

8.  Have a speedy “response time”. Provide customer care quickly and efficiently. The average customer expects a fast response time from brands on social media, so be sure and answer any questions or offer assistance with any problems in under four hours. You only have a very short window of opportunity before they turn to one of your competitors instead.

9.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on analytics. Which type of content is getting the most clicks? Which videos are people viewing the most? Which posts get the most comments? Analytics tools clue you in on what people are interested in the most so you’ll know whether to put in the most effort in future posts. If things seem stale all around and none of your content is really generating any views, clicks or comments, it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategy as a whole.

10. Run a contest. Everybody loves trying to win free things, and if done correctly, you’ll walk away with more “Fans” and “likes”. The prize should be something that is relevant to your niche. Running a contest will help you to reach your fans’ family and friends, which can potentially give you a larger audience.

These are all low-cost ways to try to get more out of a Facebook marketing campaign. They might not all be easy, but they can be worthwhile if done correctly.

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